How to getmanygems on ClashRoyale

Ifyou are looking for methods to get Gems for Clash Royale by Supercellfanthisarticlewill help youunderstandhow to getthem. Beforeyoubegin, werecommendthatyou do notbelievethosewebsiteswhoguaranteeyouendlessgems, externalprograms to increase the number of yourown, private servers or otherillegalmethods. Supercell’ssanctionswould be hard (account ban), and in the case of maliciouspeople, theycouldsteal personal and bank data and clearyour account.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to increase the amount of Gems on ClashRoyale.

ClashRoyaleGems: Tips and Tricks
1. The first system to collectGemsis to buythem from ClashRoyale’sofficial shop. Itwould be better to take advantage of the timeswhenSupercelloffersdealsat a modestprice, or buy Arena packageseach time youstep up (savings are guaranteed, and you can quicklyboostyour account withoutspending a lot).

2. The secondsystem (the free one) is to getyourpreciousGemsthroughoutyour game experiencewithoutspendingthem. Playingassiduously, and opening the chestsassoonasyou can do it, youwill be able to get up to 6-7 gems per day (in a monthit’salmost 200) thatyou can use to upgrade yourcards or buythings. Ouradviceisnot to throwthemaway by speeding up the opening of the chests.

3. Itispossible to getGems by completing the achievements in the game. Some examples are: Create a tournament and youwill be credited 100 gems. Donating a number of cards to yourclanmates. Collectasmanycardsaspossible. Watch a replay on Royale TV, etc.

4. Anothermethodisindirectpayment. On the Play Store and on the internet there are programsthatallowyou to accumulate creditsthat can be convertedintorealmoney. Notmanypeopleknowthismethodwhereyou can get some money to spend on ClashRoyale.

Thesemethods are completelylegal and approved by Supercell.

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